Successful sales projects are realized in a team effort and require perfectly orchestrated processes like document automation & collaboration. When it comes to team work,  there is usually someone who is the contact person for the customer, another team member takes care of technical specifications, and a sales manager approves the deal or grants special conditions. In the end everyone works on the same goal: delivering the perfect quote to the customer.

Next to this collaboration effort and streamlined processes, a solid technical infrastructure is needed. D365 CE and MS Teams provide the perfect base to capture sales information and to collaborate on projects, for example by discussing via the MS Teams chat which rates to offer or by uploading all required project documents to a SharePoint folder, without having to leave the MS Teams environment. So why not also combine document automation & collaboration to generate the perfect sales quote directly in MS Teams?

dox42 does this job for you – and the video below shows how you can collaborate on your D365 CE quotes and automatically create, send and store sales documents and presentations with data from D365 CE and SharePoint, without ever leaving MS Teams.

Watch our document automation & collaboration scenario video to find out how:

Or watch the video on Youtube:

Video: Document automation & collaboration – generate D365 CE documents in MS Teams